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Maritime Connectivity
VSAT connectivity solutions for Maritime Vessel Operators, Merchant Shipping,
Workboats, Leisure Boating and Commercial Fisheries.
When it comes to maritime connectivity, timing, throughput and coverage are the primary concerns for many maritime operators. Maritime VSAT connectivity helps to improve situational awareness, operational efficiency and ship to shore communications. Our maritime VSAT solution can be applied for crew connectivity, broadband internet access, cargo monitoring, ship tracking and much more.
Featured Services
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Maritime L-Band
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Range of Global L-band Connectivity services from Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya.
Maritime Ku-Band
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Ku-band VSAT service with 98% global coverage of shipping routes with CIR and MIR.
Maritime Ka-Band
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High Speed Ka-band service with regional coverage including middle east and europe.
Maritime VSAT systems
Maritime VSAT systems
Industry standard Maritime VSAT antennas and below-deck systems from Intellion, Cobham, IDirect, NewTec and others allow you to set up a broadband connection between your vessels and back office networks similar to any terrestrial connection.
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